Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Gilead has announced a Phase 1b study of its MMP-9 (Matrix metallopeptidase 9) inhibitor in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients

This alert is part of our UpdatesPlus-Rheumatoid Arthritis service.  To get further analysis of this study and a full overview of research and drug development activity in rheumatoid arthritis please contact fiona.watts@leaddiscovery.co.uk
  • MMP-9 (Matrix metallopeptidase 9, type IV collagenase, gelatinase) is an extra cellular matrix degrading enzyme which is implicated in various inflammatory diseases
  • Gilead has developed a mAb against this enzyme, GS-5745 which is currently being evaluated in patients with IBD, COPD and also cancer
  • To our knowledge this is the first MMP-9 candidate that has entered clinical development for any indication
  • Development in IBD is supported by consistent upregulation of MMP-9 in several animal models of colitis as well as in patients with IBD.  Moreover, deletion of MMP-9 protects against murine colitis
  • MMP-9 has also been associated with RA, with levels increased in the synovial fluid of patients.  Moreover, only last month de Rooy et al suggested that genetic variation close to the MMP-9 gene is related to joint progression
  • In addition to IBD and COPD studies, Gilead has now announced a small study in 20 RA patients to investigate the safety and PK profile of iv GS-5745 [link]
  • The study should read out by the end of 2014


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