Wednesday, June 18, 2014

UpdatesPlus- EULAR 2014 - UCB reports durable and predictable response of PsA patients to Cimzia

The alert below is from our EULAR 2014 coverage.  We have captured most of the key oral and poster presentations delivered at EULAR and will be analyzing these more comprehensively in upcoming issues of our UpdatesPlus service.UpdatesPlus is a service comprising alerts and monthly reports including pipeline and trial updates plus analysis of key information.  The service is designed for industry and academics across the Immunology & Inflammation spectrum.  To register for UpdatesPlus or to get further information please contact

  • UCB presented new 96wk Cimzia data from RAPID-PsA
  • 77% of patients initially randomized to the double blinded phase remained in the study to week 96
  • Data presented at EULAR was specifically for those patients randomized to 200mg or 400mg Cimzia (q2w) at baseline
  • When reported using an NRI analysis ACR20 rates were 56%/66%/59% at 24/48/96wks demonstrating that efficacy observed at 24wks was sustained over 2yrs, extending previously reported 48wk data 
  • Importantly, efficacy was maintained in patients with or without prior TNFi treatment
  • In addition to sustaining ACR rates, enthesitis, dactylitis, HAQ-DI and PASI-75/90 responses were also stable over the 96wks
  • Safety signals were consistent with previous reports over shorter duration
  • Moreover, as reported in a EULAR poster, disease activity during the initial 12wks of treatment may predict long term outcomes

Comments:  Across indications,  UCB has previous focused Cimzia messaging on fast onset of action and predictability.  Predictability is further reinforced here and may offer a powerful message both in terms of cost effectiveness and patient benefit.  Durability of action represents another message that can help UCB develop its positioning further.  Moreover the lack of influence that prior TNFi exposure has on response may be important, positioning Cimzia as a treatment of choice following failure on one of the other TNFis


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