Tuesday, June 24, 2014

UpdatesPlus-Psoriasis alert - Xenoport advances fumaric acid candidate, XP23829 for psoriasis

This summary is taken from our UpdatesPlus-Psoriasis service - to see an example of our monthly report click here
  • Despite early support, fumaric acid esters only became an established  psoriasis therapy in 1994 and then, primarily in Germany as Fumaderm
  • XenoPort has been developing an advanced fumarate, XP23829.  This molecule links dimethyl fumarate to a carrier facilitating GI transport
  • Phase 1 data reported in 2013 suggested improved PK and tolerability  vs tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate)
  • XenoPort has now announced [link] the initiation of a Phase 2 12wk XP23829 study in psoriasis
  • Top-line data from 200 patients are expected Q3, 2015
  • XP23829 (400 or 800mg qd; or 400mg bid) will be compared to placebo

Comments:  Xenoport has suggested that XP23829 could move straight from the present study into Phase 3.  Successful development would further expand the available options for treatment of psoriasis with orally active products, with apremilast expected to soon receive approval for psoriasis


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