Thursday, August 21, 2014

UpdatesPlus-Lupus (August) - Analysis of breaking research and development in lupus

We are pleased to announced the most recent issue of UpdatesPlus-Lupus.  This regular analysis provides in depth information on all key recent events in SLE and lupus nephritis.  To receive further information or instruction on how to access the full report please contact

Amongst the analysis presented in this issue we analyze the following:
  • Upcoming changes in clinical practice following the release of new data describing the impact of treatment withdrawal, especially of conventional immunosuppressants and how this may be done most efficaciously. We also look at treat to target strategies for lupus similar to other chronic autoimmune diseases such as RA.  
  • Benlysta development:  We report on the most recent sales figures and also on potentially important data from the German real world study, OBSErve.  GSK is moving towards sc Benlysta, expected in 2016.  We update clinical development to support this activity including the launch of a new autoinjector study. Potentially as important is  treatment holiday study and new data on a PRO instrument developed using Benlysta data 
  • Advanced clinical candidates: We update the clinical progress of the lupus pipeline including new activity around UCB's CD22 antibody, Epratuzumab; Merck Serono's BAFF/APRIL biologic, Atacicept; and the IFN blocker class which has seen significant recent activity
  • New proof of concept data supporting the development of low dose topoisomerase 1 inhibitors for the treatment of lupus nephritis as well as new data suggesting IL-17 blockade may offer an approach to lupus
The present issue of UpdatesPlus is 34 slides and as usual provides a fully updated clinical pipeline and timeline


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