Wednesday, March 11, 2015

UpdatesPlus 28th March: Monitoring and analysis of advances in Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, IBD and much more

Feb 28th issues of UpdatesPlus have now been released.  This service offers in depth monitoring and expert analysis across the inflammatory and dermatology disease spectrum.  Some of the highlights include:

Biosimilars:  Celltrion has launched Remsima in 12 EU markets including the EU5 while the FDA has delayed its AdCom arranged to discuss Remsima.  We provide a full update on biosimilar activity across relevant indications

Rheumatoid Arthritis:  We update the clinical development of baricitinib and sarilumab.  Lilly's Phase 3 study RA-BUILD has met its endpoint.  We explain why the future potential of this JAK1/2 inhibitor remains difficult to predict.  This should become clearer over the next few months.  Sanofi/Regeneron has terminated its Phase 3 study, RA-COMPARE.  This pivotal study was investigating   sarilumab.  We analyze the impact of this decision

Gout:  CymaBay has been developing a novel approach to gout.  Disease control involves the reduction of urate and inflammation that periodically occurs as a result of high urate levels. Urate lowering therapies can paradoxically produce flare. Arhalofenate is a dual urate lowering and anti-inflammatory agent.  The company's latest Phase 2 study confirms this property although modest urate lowering has forced a change in direction

IBD:  We have just returned from ECCO in Barcelona.  The most recent issue of UpdatesPlus-IBD offers a full review of data presented at ECCO.  This includes an analysis of new Humira studies as well a Phase 3 etrolizumab trials.  We also analyze new data for PF-00547659 (Pfizer's MAdCAM mAb); Ozanimod (Receptos' S1P modulator) and MEDI2070 (Medimmune's IL-23 mAb)

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