Monday, September 15, 2014

Breaking research in ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease

The September issue of UpdatesPlus-IBD is now available offering 79 slides of monitoring and analysis of key research and development advances over the past weeks in inflammatory bowel disease.  We cover Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn disease, biologics, orals and topicals, and also supportive care for anemia.  

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Selected items from this issue include:
  • Q2 sales/commercial summary for approved biologic and non-biologic therapies including analysis of life cycle management strategies.  Included is a look at studies of personalized biologic therapy and how Abbvie could be using this as a biosimilar defense.  In addition considerable business development activity is current underway in the ASA/Steroid segment as Actavis continues to expand its GI franchise and Shire/Abbvie move towards a merger
  • We provide a fully up to date evaluation of biosimilar activity and implications for IBD.  This area continues to move rapidly with Remsima being filed in the US and increasing activity around Humira biosimilars
  • A look at the integrin class including early launch information on Entyvio including pricing and how this compares to current therapeutics.  We also provide an analysis of Roche's Phase 3 etrolizumab program and impressive data on Ajinomoto's Phase 2 oral α4β1/α4β7 blocker,  AJM300.  We offer a comparison of how this candidate compares to Entyvio and etrolizumab
  • Exciting proof of concept data on novel targets including negative immune regulation by PD-L1-Ig; IL-9 blockade as an approach to UC; elegant work from Ajinomoto leading to the identification of PIKfyve kinase as a target; new data supporting IL-6 (rather than IL-6R) blockade as a therapeutic approach to IBD
  • Novo Nordisk's exit from inflammation and possible resultant licensing opportunities
  • As part of our ongoing look at supportive care in IBD and especially anemia, we focus on PharmaCosmos which has recently opened two new trials of Monofer in the US

As usual we provide a full update of the IBD landscape (including all molecules we know to be in development for UC and CD).  IBD clinical timelines (interactive charts of Phase 2b and Phase 3 trials, filing dates etc).


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