Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Edible vaccine for Alzheimer's disease?

Just read a really cool report from a Japanese group of researchers who are developing a possible new approach to Alzheimer's disease. Fellow geeks will know that Alzheimer's is caused by an excess of a protein called beta amyloid. One possible way of treating the disease is to develop a vaccine that generates antibodies able to bind beta amyloid. That is exactly what the Japanese group has done but with a twist...they have engineered rice to express beta amyloid. Hey presto, one edible vaccine. It has been tested in preclinical models and found to work. The rice is eaten and anbodies are produce. Next step - can the antibodies cause the removal of beta amyloid and reversal of disease. Geeks like me can read on at http://www.leaddiscovery.co.uk/articles/21307566



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