Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Until phase 3 data emerges, HCV PI share splits are pure guess work

Market research has been published reporting that 50% of US gastroenterlogists would treat HCV non-responders with telaprevir and concludes that this protease inhibitor will gain 70% of the market share.

I would treat any forecasts on how telaprevir and boceprevir will shape up against one another with respect to market share as pure guess work until phase 3 data is disclosed.

Sure, telaprevir has so far shown better efficacy in non-responders based on Phase 2 data. It is therefore hardly surprising that clinicians will favour telaprevir at this moment in this population. This could however change very rapidly as we progress through this year

in reference to:

"U.S. gastroenterologists will treat a larger proportion of treatment non-responder hepatitis C patients with Vertex/Tibotec/ Mitsubishi Tanabe’s telaprevir than Merck’s boceprevir"
- Vital Biopharmaceutical Insights and Analytics - Decision Resources (view on Google Sidewiki)


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