Monday, June 19, 2006

Micromet develops new lymphoma therapeutic...KD-247, a promising HIV-neutralizing antibody

Todays Headlines from across the DailyUpdates network (19th June - 2006): Today we feature over 60 breaking journal articles including our featured study discussing the development of a new antibody being developed for HIV-1. In addition we highlight news from Micromet on their antibody therapy for the treatment of NHL plus today's featured jobs. To see the entire bulletin click here
  • Breaking News (from DailyUpdates-Cancer Immunotherapy): Micromet develops new lymphoma therapeutic Lymphoma is the fifth most common cancer in the US and represents over forty subtypes of cancers arising within the lymphatic system. The two most prevalent types are Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's (NHL) lymphomas. Of the 63,700 estimated new cases of lymphoma in 2005, NHL accounts for about 88% of those cases making it the most common hematological cancer. Disease can be divided into indolent and aggressive forms. Although numerous and quite effective treatments are available to NHL patients, relapses are frequently seen and hence further options are required. In today’s featured press release Micromet announce preliminary data from an ongoing phase 1 trial on MT103 (also known as MEDI-538), a recombinant single-chain bispecific antibody targeting the CD19 antigen. Three out of five patients with relapsed disease showed clinical responses suggesting that this agent may be a valuable addition to the NHL therapeutic arsenal [Source: Micromet Release]
  • Featured Journal Article (from DailyUpdates-Infectious Diseases): KD-247, a promising HIV-neutralizing antibody: Despite the success of antiretroviral (HAART) therapy in reducing AIDS related mortality in the developed world, it is becoming clear that to achieve the same impact in poorer countries an additional healthcare interventions such as vaccines or the use of antibody therapeutics will be necessary. Japanese researchers have developed the humanized monoclonal antibody, KD-247 which recognizes the V3 tip sequence of HIV-1 clade B primary isolates, the most common form of HIV-1 in the Americas and Europe . Today’s headline study reports that this antibody both neutralizes clade B HIV-1 and protects monkeys from infection and therefore offers considerable promise. [Source: J Virol. 2006 Jun;80(11):5563-70.]


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