Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ether a go-go potassium channels and cancer

DailyUpdates 17th May, 2006: As more and more molecular targets emerge that may present opportunities for future oncology therapeutics we highlight one one promising target, the ether-a-go-go potassium channel. Today's edition of DailyUpdates can be seen in its entirety here

Ether a go-go potassium channels and cancer:
A number of classes of voltage activated potassium currents (Kv) have been distinguished including transient outward K+ currents (Ito) and delayed, outwardly rectifying K+ currents (IK). The latter include rapidly inactivating IKr currents carried by hERG and non-inactivating currents carried by Eag1. While the former play a major role in in cardiac (patho)physiology, the latter is emerging as a major player in cancer. Importantly eag is recognized in over 80% of human tumors and this channel is now accepted as a key contributor to cancer progression. In particular eag is though to contribute to the control of cell proliferation, especially in leukaemias; the regulation of tumor cell invasiveness, possible through a physical and functional interaction with adhesion receptors of the integrin family; and the control of tumor cell neoangiogensis, through the modulation of angiogenic factor secretion. Today’s featured article offers an up to date review of this exciting target for cancer therapeutics

Cancer Research: For the rest of this week, instead of featuring press releases on industry's efforts to fight disease we would like to highlight one individual's role in helping to support research into cancer. Releases will still be listed in the news area of DailyUpdates. On Sunday May 21st our colleague Eileen Lewis will be running the Race for Life. This fundraising event organized by Cancer Research UK is dedicated to conquering cancer through world-class research. It is the UK's leading cancer charity, with a dedicated team of 3,000 scientists and an annual scientific spend of around £213 million. Its funds are raised almost entirely through voluntary donations. Sunday's event will attract 4,000 runners each raising sponsorship to support the fight against cancer. Please help us to support Eileen's efforts sponsoring her and leaving your messages of encouragement here at the Race for Life's website. Together we can help discover new therapies but for the rest of this week let's try and help support the research behind these advances.


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